threadingAvoid the pain hand hassle of waxing. Threading is a hair removal technique that has been handed down from one generation to the next starting in the East over 6,000 years ago. Our threading experts remove hair quickly, without pain. In just a few minutes your eyebrows are sculpted and other hair is removed.

Eyebrow Shaping with Threading

Eyebrow threading lasts 2-3 weeks and when the hair grows back, it comes in finer and lighter. 

Threading has no risks associated with it. It is a very gentle way to remove hair, and it is actually the best way to remove ingrown hair.

In comparison, while Tweezing is similar, it needs to be done regularly, and while waxing may have longer results, it can cause burns or redness on sensitive facial skin.

How is Threading done?

Threadingis used primarily on facial hair. It is an ancient, proven technique for removing hair at the root using a cotton thread in a twisting motion to trap and lift hair right out of the follicle. This creates the longer-lasting results over other techniques.

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