Manicure nails say a lot about you. Coming in for a manicure to perk up the appearance of your hands is the perfect way to treat yourself and those around you. 


Gel nails are simple to apply and long lasting. They look very natural and come in a variety of styles and colors. We offer both hard and soft gel nail solutions for the look you want.


Silk nail wraps offer a variety of styles and shapes. They can extend your nail and help you look your best.

Natural (file and polish)

If you already love your own nails and simply want them to shine, our nail experts can give them the natural treatment by touching them up and giving them some great color.

Ad on - nail art

Sometimes, plain nails just aren't enough. You need more art and attraction in your life! Our expert nail stylists are able to give you that extra touch that really puts your nails over the top. 

SNS - Signature nail systems

Improves health of your nails through Vitamin E and Calcium infusion. No liquid or UV light needed, it's also light weight and durable and best of all - odor free!


Sometimes your hands just aren't enough. You need to look fabulous from head to toe and your feet are two of the hardest workers on your body. No wonder they can end up looking like they've just been put through the ringer! Take a load off and relax while our pedicure professionals take care of your feet and make them look incredible.

*Note: we no longer do Acrylic Nails.

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Did you know that all of our products are all-natural, vegan, and animal cruelty free? We're happy to let you know that they are!

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We take pride in making sure you have the best care while in our salon and that we support your values of being good to your body, the environment and our furry friends out there.