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When it's time for your appointment, our expert stylists are excited to give you an individual consultation, relaxing scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning rinse and style. 


hair-cut-womeMost people think they only need to shampoo at home, but have you asked yourself if your hair is really getting the nutrients and conditioning it needs from the products you use at home? Our stylists use the highest quality organic shampoos and conditioners in the salon to make your hair stand out. We recommend stopping in on a regular basis to give your hair the core boost it needs.

Deep conditioning 

Most people don't realize that the conditioners we buy from the store are only able to offer a basic level of hair maintenance. Often our hair, regardless of type, needs more nutrients to perform at its best every day. Deep conditioning restores the moisture, oils, and nutrients our hair craves, especially after we've put it through the ringer - straightning, curling, and coloring it. Take a few minutes to come in and restore your hair's natural beauty with a deep conditioner that will help it come back to life.


We offer the latest styles and classic cuts that frame your face perfectly and help you feel confident and beautiful at the same time. If you have a style that you want, you can even bring in some pictures and our stylists will match it.


Sometimes your hair just needs a slight edge. It's been the same way for a little too long and you want to get that new look and feel back, but without a lot of hard work. A style can do just that. Our stylists are great at bringing life back to a hairdo that's just past its prime.


A perm is a process of dramatically reshaping your hair. It can give you the curls you always wanted and the best part is that with today's advanced techniques, your hair can accent your personality to help you exude confidence and fun. Don't feel limited by you hair's natural tendencies. Try something new and enjoy a fresh curly look and feel.


Updos are a major fashion trend this year. Many hair designers are coming out with new styles or unique twitst on classic designs. Regardless of the event, you'll look amazing.


This service requires a $100 deposit at booking.
This deposit will be used toward your appointment.

It's time to stop waiting around for your hair to get out of the slow lane and get the long-haired look you want today. Using these extensions doesn't damage your hair like other processes do. Our stylists have access to a large variety of styles and lengths, both natual and synthetic.

Flat Ironing

Let's get straight to the point. It's time for your hair to understand who's boss. Our stylist can help smooth out the conversation with some well-placed flat ironing. This quick process straightens your hair and can have you looking your best in just minutes. Why not see what our stylists can do for you?


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Did you know that all of our products are all-natural, vegan, and animal cruelty free? We're happy to let you know that they are!

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