Color, Texture, & Conditioning


color your hairSelect from our all-natural blends of hair colors to get the perfect shade that's right for you. You can even take a walk on the wild side and go for something fun like blue, purple, or red!

Organic Color

Our Hair styling experts love using our organic color products to give your hair a completely natural tone that leaves people wondering if you really could have been born that beautiful

Ammonia Free Color

For those who don't want to put their hair through the harsh processes involved with traditional hair coloring techniques, we also have amonia-free hair coloring products for your pleasure.


Sometimes you don't want to change your whole color, but you do want to strike out and make a bold statement. It's time the people around you see a more confident and beautiful you. Paisley Salon and Spa's stylist love to use the wide range of highlights they have at their disposal to give your hair the perfect accent.

Correcting Color

Oh no! has disaster struck your beautiful locks? Don't worry! When you stop in, our hair restoration experts will be ready to restore your hair to a beautiful color so that you can feel confident once again. 


Sometimes, after living with a life of curls, it's time to break out and do something new. Why not let our stylists work with your hair to convince it that now is the time to straighten itself out and help you look your best?

Brazilian Blowout

This service requires a $100 deposit at booking.
This deposit will be used toward your appointment.

You're not stuck with the hair you were born with. Stop struggling with frizz, complicated curls, or flat hair. With one of the world's greatest breakthroughs in hair technology, our expert stylists are now able to completely transform your hair. Treatment leaves hair smooth, shiny and easier to style.

What you can expect:

  • A customized consultation and Retexturizing Treatment that gives your hair the texture you want
  • Service time of approximately 3-4 hours
  • Permanently smooth and shiny hair that makes daily styling easier
  • To make the most of your smooth new look, we recommend following your retexturizing service with a haircut
  • Avoid getting hair wet, wearing ponytails, clips or headbands or tucking hair behind your ears for 72 hours after treatment
  • Lasts up to 4 months.

Botanical Therapy Hair & Scalp Treaments

Each of these treatments has been specially designed to infuse your hair and scalp with something it's been missing so that you can look your best. Each solution provides a natural, holistic apporach to restoring balance in your appearance.

Botanical Therapy Treatments are an addtional $10 with the hair service of your choice:

Botanical Therapy:

  • Moisture Treatment
  • Repair Treatment
  • Treatment for Thinning Hair
  • Scalp Balance Treatment
  • Scalp Detox Treatment

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Did you know that all of our products are all-natural, vegan, and animal cruelty free? We're happy to let you know that they are!

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